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Advanced Technology Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Possible uses and use restrictions...

Single for-profit company recipients can receive ATP funds for R&D activities for up to 3 years, with ATP funding not to exceed $2 million. ATP funds may only be used to pay for direct costs for single company recipients. Single company recipients are responsible for funding all of their overhead/indirect costs. Small and medium sized companies applying as single company proposers are not required to provide cost-sharing of direct costs. Large companies applying as single company proposers, however, must cost-share at least 60 percent of the total project costs (direct plus indirect costs). A large company is defined as any business, including any parent company plus related subsidiaries, having annual revenues in excess of $3.043 billion. (Note that this number will likely change for future competitions and, if so, will be noted in future annual announcements of availability of funds and ATP Proposal Preparation Kits.) Joint ventures can receive ATP funds for R&D activities for up to 5 years, with ATP funding a minority share of the total project costs. Joint ventures must cost-share (matching funds) more than 50 percent of the total project costs (direct plus indirect costs). Joint ventures must consist of at least two separately-owned for-profit companies, both of which are substantially involved in the R&D and both contributing towards the matching fund requirement. The joint venture may include additional for-profit companies, universities, governmental laboratories (excluding any NIST laboratory), independent research organizations, and/or nonprofit organizations, which may or may not contribute funds (other than Federal funds) to the project and perform R&D activities. The joint venture need not be a legally constituted entity but can consist of companies who simply agree to collaborate on the R&D and divide tasks. ATP funding may not be used to fund product development or be used to fund existing or planned research programs that would otherwise be conducted in the same period.